The Massage Connection

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Licensed Massage Therapist

Elizabeth McFadden, LMT

           Hello, my name is Elizabeth McFadden, and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. My phone number is (210) 838-8187. If you have ever considered Massage Therapy Services, I have 2 venue's to choose from: 

                      A nice setting inside of the 

Fairburn, GA 30213

     However if you prefer, my services are also mobile and therefore, I will come to you as well. My Massage Service delivers a relaxing table or chair massage in the privacy of your own home or office. 

          Some great and unique features of dealing with a Mobile Massage Service is that you do not have to waste your valuable time, energy, or gas, as I go to YOU. This saves you time, energy and more. You don't have to look up any directions, or drive in heavy traffic, or find any parking spots!  

          In the comfort of your own home, you get ready for the massage, and can further Relax after the massage, as there is no drive home in traffic etc.. defeating the purpose. Therefore, you can enjoy the effects of a relaxing massage for a much longer period of time. You have the privilege and the luxury of staying in your (own) robe, Relaxing on your couch, Taking a nap, Reading a good book, Watching your favorite show on TV, Taking a soothing bath, or Soaking in your Hot Tub. 

          Why I developed my, "Mobile Massage Connection" team for Mobile Massage Therapy? Because life is stressful enough! I firmly believe that you deserve to have the maximal relaxation possible, before, during, and after the massage. Additionally, after the massage, I feel that it's important that you are in your own environment where you can select the activities that best extend your period of stress relief. After all, it's what I would want for me.

          However, if your schedule is too demanding, Chair Massage in the office gives you a welcomed break that leaves you refreshed and energized to return to work.

          I will give you a free in-home or a "mini," over-the-phone consultation, just to give you an idea what types of massage services would be best suited for you. The rates are reasonable and comparable to most massage therapy services.

          Call me, or you may e-mail me at the e-mail address below, or you can even send me a Text message that goes straight to my phone, to schedule your free, confidential, no obligation, appointment, so that we can discuss your individual and unique requirements, and you can receive your free cup Koozie.

                                                           (210) 838-8187